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Tailored logistics solutions

logistics solutions

A2B Direct specializes in providing white-label solutions for logistics operations. We integrate our state-of-the-art technologies seamlessly into your existing systems.

Our platform is designed to adopt your business needs, offering a range of customizable features: arrow

Tailored logistics solutions

What’s inside

Custom shipment creation system

Custom shipment
creation system

Precise transportation specifications fitting your type of goods

Complete control of each inch of transportation

Complete control of each inch of transportation

Online GPS tracking, location access instructions, precise pricing prediction

Robust pricing engine

pricing engine

Complex algorithms will help to calculate total transportation costs accurately to within 10 dollars

Comprehensive document management

document management

Handling instructions, transportation notes, and safety reports - all in one ecosystem accessible with ease on the go

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Enhanced Shipper Experience

Enhanced Shipper Experience

Experience unparalleled flexibility in order creation and management with A2B Direct. Our platform caters to an immense variety of shipment options and special requirements, ensuring your unique shipping needs are precisely met.

  • Diverse Shipment Options:

    Diverse Shipment Options: Our order creation system adapts easily to your specific shipping requirements, whether your cargo is large or small, standard, or requires special handling.

  • Profile Management:

    Profile Management: Effortlessly create and manage your company profile. This feature streamlines the process of generating essential legal documents for transportation tailored to your company’s needs.

  • Real-Time Shipment Tracking:

    Real-Time Shipment Tracking: Stay informed with immediate access to GPS tracking for all your shipments. This real-time visibility provides peace of mind and enables you to monitor your cargo every step of the way.

Enhanced Shipper Experience

Empowering Carriers

A2B Direct introduces a new level of efficiency and innovation for carriers with our detailed and user-friendly order management system. Designed to empower carriers at every step:

  • Innovative Bidding Mechanics:

    Innovative Bidding Mechanics: Engage seamlessly in trading processes with our state-of-the-art bidding system. This feature ensures fair and efficient transaction experiences, enhancing your participation in the market.

  • Comprehensive Route and Location Information:

    Comprehensive Route and Location Information: Once a deal is finalized, gain immediate access to detailed route and location information. This empowers you with the knowledge needed for efficient planning and timely deliveries.

  • Real-Time Fleet Monitoring:

    Real-Time Fleet Monitoring: Keep a close eye on your fleet with our real-time monitoring capabilities. This feature ensures you are always aware of your fleet’s location and status, allowing for prompt and proactive management.

Empowering Carriers
Empowering Carriers

Robust Pricing Engine

We've engineered a sophisticated algorithm to calculate the most efficient and competitive pricing for your logistics needs. This advanced system leverages vast amounts of data and incorporates various factors to ensure accuracy and relevance, including tariffs, time, seasonality, route popularity, and the potential for return route orders.

Robust Pricing Engine

A2B.Direct is designed with varying needs in mind

As a <br> Freight Broker, <br> you will:

As a
Freight Broker,
you will:

Optimize Carrier Selection

Optimize Carrier

Efficiently match the ideal carriers using advanced algorithms, enhancing your brokerage operations

Maximize Profitability


Utilize our robust pricing engine for accurate and competitive rate estimations

Streamline Deal Negotiations

Streamline Deal

Facilitate seamless and effective communication with carriers, ensuring better deal outcomes

Leverage Efficient Route Planning

Leverage Efficient Route Planning

We will help to provide carriers with optimal routes, saving time and costs for both your clients and carriers

As a Freight Broker, you will:
As a <br> Large Fleet Operator, <br> you will:

As a
Large Fleet Operator,
you will:

Optimize Load Management

Load Management

Maximize vehicle capacity, reducing the number of trips and cutting logistics costs effectively

Enhance Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Leverage real-time GPS tracking and efficient route planning to optimize vehicle usage and reduce idle time

Ensure Security and Compliance

Ensure Security and Compliance

Enhance fleet safety with real-time tracking and maintenance alerts and maintain adherence to regulations

Streamline Your Communication

Streamline Your Communication

Facilitate smoother interactions among all parties, enhancing operational coherence and efficiency

As a Large Fleet Operator, you will:


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